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This page is dedicated to the health of your wonderful puppy. We believe the most important thing you can do for your growing puppy is give it a healthy balanced diet. I am sure everyone is doing everything they can to give their dog the best nutrition possible. Do you know what ingredients are in your pet's food? If you are buying canned or bagged dog food you may not be giving your pet the nutrition they need. Many dog food companies have put substandard ingredients in your pet's food in order to keep cost low. Many types of filler are put in the food that provide very little nutritional value. Chemicals are put in the food prolong shelf life but hinder your dog's health.

So, what can you do to help your pet live a long, happy, healthy life? EVERYTHING. You are in fact the key to your dog's long healthy life. Hopefully you are giving them the nutrition they need. 

The food of choice for Cajun Cockers is Victor Dog Food. This pet food company carries a quality, natural, veterinarian formulated product line.  Because of its wholesome ingredients and guarantee of freshness and safety, we strongly endorse this product line for the health and longevity of your Cocker.

As soon as I tried Victor Dog Food, with some of my own puppies and mommies, they ate it with as much interest and excitement as they do delicious table scraps. So, we are delighted to now recommend this product line to you.

I want to mention that becaused of the calories in Victor Dog Food, and because the food is so digestible, it’s really not expensive to feed. The cost per day to feed a 20 pound dog is about 38 cents. 





We start out puppies on Victor Dog Food's Select Hi-Pro Plus, and, when you take your puppy home, a 1 month supply in included. Should you choose to use a different food, by all means use a holistic food. Non holistic food, most big name brand foods, are made with dead animals, diseased animals, spoiled meats, etc. Do a little research. Go to: This is a non biased site. Look for rendering plants, or do an Internet search. You will be very surprised, and will find out why most pets get sick. Holistic foods eliminate many of the diseases inherent with other dog foods.



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