We are David & Ada Landry, and we raise beautiful American Cocker Spaniel Puppies in southern Louisiana.

Cocker Spaniels have always been our very favorite breed, and they are the only puppies we raise.

 Although many of our cocker spaniel puppies are show-worthy, we primarily raise cocker pups to be loving companions, to cuddle up next to you, to warm your lap, and fill your heart with love.

Our time and care brings you the finest AKC Cocker Puppy.

We are committed to the highest standard of quality care.

You will see that our website is not only about our cockers.

Our website reflects our life.

Cockers are a big part of it, but not the only part of it.


Our God comes first and foremost.


 Second comes our family.


 3 daughters, Leah, Jennifer and Heather, son-in laws Corey and BJ, and our 10 grandchildren, Carissa, Jordan, Alanna, Parker, Ethan, Sladen, Cade, Brooke,  Alexandria (Alex) and .


Third comes our Cockers.  


a Sable Male, is king of the kennel,
now retired.
Ch. Cinnabar, Buff Male
His mates, Kharmyl, the beautiful Buff female on this site's front page, 
Ch. Bristol, Buff female,
Amy, a Silver/Buff female,
and Savannah, a Buff female.
Charlie, a Chocolate Male,
with his mate, Cocoa, a Chocolate female.

Sport, a Blue Roan Male, with his mates,
Ruthie, a Parti female
 who's sire is
GCH Soldier of the Cross,
and Piper, a Red Roan female.


Please visit our PUPPIES page often for updates on what might be on the way at any given time. We don't have puppies year round, but are really excited when we have some on the way!  

Our puppies are all checked over by our veterinarian, Walter Animal Hospital in Houma Louisiana.  

All of our puppies are raised right here in our home with much love and joy! Each one has spent much precious time in our arms and will have a special place in our heart always and forever.  

Many people visiting my website have just lost their beloved pet. Are we talking about "you"? If you are hurting right now, we hope and pray you will find the most perfect new baby to fill your heart with love and joy again.  

Raising cocker spaniel puppies is something we really enjoy. Our hope is our cocker puppies will bring as much joy to your heart and home as they have to us. We mainly breed ASCOBS from the lightest Silvers to the deepest Reds. We will have both Black and Brown (Chocolate) babies including some with tan points in both Solid and Parti.



When you bring a Cajun Cocker baby home we will always be here for you throughout your precious baby’s life time to answer any questions or help in any way that we can.



May God Bless!


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